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Hornby Train Sets 2014
(also Bachmann and Graham Farish Train Sets)

We carry one of the widest selections of model train sets in the United Kingdom

All Hornby Train Sets include track, controller, transformer, trakmat (excluding the "Boxed Set" series) and train.   We do not consider any Hornby Train Set to be suitable for under 5's.  We recommend ages 8+ as a minimum for all large Steam locomotive Hornby Train Sets (Flying Scotsman, Harry Potter etc) as they are fiddly to fit onto the track.  All suggested layouts are ideally nailed down onto a 6 foot by 4 foot board - we recommend half inch Chipboard.  Bachmann sets are basically the same as their Hornby equivalents but do not include the Trakmat - the track, controllers, trains and so on are completely Hornby compatible!

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Train Sets of all brands shown below are IN STOCK

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Hornby Track Extensions - New TrakMat System
Used on all 2005/2006 Thomas sets, all 2006 Digital sets, and all new sets introduced after R1085 / June 2006 - Local Freight and onwards
From This To This
R8221 (Was R9075) Track Pack A 
R8222 (Was R9076) Track Pack B   
R8223 (Was R9077) Track Pack C 
R8224 (Was R9078) Track Pack D 
R8225 (Was R9079) Track Pack E 
R8226 (Was R9080) Track Pack F
If you set has this type of box panel it's the new layout extension packs.  These were also sold as Thomas The Tank packs during 2006 using the R90 numbers - only the box and number changed. 

Note the "hovering yellow track" superimposed over the picture on these sets.
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Hornby Track Extensions - Large TrakMat System
Used on all non Thomas sets introduced up to June 2006
and used by all BACHMANN sets up to and including 2014 sets.
From This To This

R8010 Track Pack A - Hornby Railways *


R8016 Track Pack B - Hornby Railways *
R8017 Track Pack C - Hornby Railways *
R8018 Track Pack D - Hornby Railways *
R8019 Track Pack E - Hornby Railways *

* Track Packs R8010 to R8019 are no longer available from Hornby.  If you order these codes, we will make up a pack for you from loose track / accessories - overall track will be the same just no fancy box.

If your set has this type of box panel it's the R8010 to R8019 packs. 
These packs also suit all Bachmann sets.

Note - track is shown separately to trakmat on these sets.

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